Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 7, 1996

A line brawl between Hartford Whalers and Vancouver Canucks, featuring a very entertaining fight, between  Scott "The Chief" Daniels and Scott Walker.

Janssens became involved in a scrap with the legendary Tim Hunter and got the best of the fight after getting a fast start... Hunter was extremely pissed off and from all reports attempted to go after Janssens in the dressing room after the fight. Here's how Janssens described the incident: 

"I think I got the better of him and I think I may have surprised him and I think he took exception to that. I don't recall if I started the fight, maybe I did? For some reason, something went off in him. I remember someone saying that Hunter tried to get into our dressing room and I was shocked since I thought it was over. We fought and got sent to our dressing rooms and that's that. I think I may have started the fight and got the first couple in which were point blank shots. I think I got him good and he may have felt that I took advantage of him, which I may have. Things happen. I'm sure he's done the same thing in his career." 

When asked if anyone ever agitated him, the way he agitated Hunter that night, Janssens replied: 

"Theo Fleury made me lose my mind. Darcy Tucker made me lose my mind. That is a compliment to them. They played their role in fantastic fashion. When we played Montreal, Denis Savard really got under my skin. Tyson Nash was another one. They all do a great job. It's easy to get me off my game, but when you get the really good players off their games, that's a true talent."

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