Friday, November 30, 2007

NOV. 28

November 28, 1925
Playing in his 328th straight game for Montreal, goaltender Georges Vezina collapsed during a game against Pittsburgh. Suffering from tuberculosis, he died four months later.

November 28, 1979
Billy Smith became the first goalie in NHL history to get credit for a goal. He was the last Islander to touch the puck before Rob Ramage of Colorado put it into his own net. But the Islanders lost 7-4 to the Rockies at Denver.

November 28, 1982
Ron Sutter made NHL history when he played in his first game, with the Flyers. It was the first time in league history that five brothers from the same family all played in the NHL. The Flyers tied the Canucks, 5-5 at Vancouver.

The fight of the day is from 1981, a toe to toe battle between Dave "Tiger" Williams(Vancouver) and Steve Jensen(Los Angeles)

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