Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NOV 26

   24 Years ago, Rangers vs. Hartford. Ed Hospodar(HTD) elbows Jan Erixon(NYR). Now Rangers go after Hospodar, Hartford stands up for his player and we a have a Brouhaha...Old time hockey, at his best.

    26 Nov 2007, Scott Hartnell(PHI) cheap shots Andrew Alberts(BOS). Bruins players just watch like a buch of pussies and do nothing. "New" NHL at his best.

   Also on November 26...82 years ago, NHL announced it's new "anti-defense" rule, which would prohibit teams from having more than two players in their own zone when the puck was not present. The NHL also upped the number of regular season games from 30 to 36 for the upcoming season.
And on November 26, 1983, Edmonton's Wayne Gretzky began an NHL-record 17 consecutive game assist streak, at St. Louis. It came in the midst of his NHL record 51-game point scoring streak (during which he scored 153 points). Oilers lost 8-6 to Blues.

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